About Game Fund
  1. What is Game Fund?

    Game Fund is an initiative taken by Nazara Technologies in an attempt to support indie game developers and small game studios to bring their great game ideas into reality. If you are having trouble turning your dreams into reality, we are here to help you do that. Nazara Technologies has set apart a total amount of INR to help great minds that need financial boost. All we need is a great game idea from your side. You can find all the other important details here and if you are interested, you can go ahead and fill the form using the Get Funded link.
  2. What is Game Fund investment model?

    The investment model used in Game Fund is simple and straightforward.
    •   Flexible Budget – We start out with your budget and pay out it in 2 parts; once after signing contract and other when first close to run out. If more fund is required, we can adjust the second payment.
    •   Repayment – Once game is published, first the investment is recovered and then we start sharing the profits.
    •   No long term obligations

    And since we will be into this together, we grow and earn together as well. As the creator of the idea, you will get your share in both IP and revenue. The details will be discussed during signing contract.
  3. Contract Terms / Agreement

    Please read Terms and Conditions and sign Agreement once idea is finalized.