1. Is GAME FUND restricted only to 'games' or can I share an 'app' idea as well?

    Currently Game Fund is restricted to only for game ideas.
  2. What type of game do I have to come up with? Is there a criteria like puzzle or sports?

    There is no restriction on any genres. You can come up game idea for any platform single player or multiplayer.
  3. Who will be the owner of the game that gets funded and launched?

    You and Nazara will share IP rights and revenue together.
  4. How will I know whether my idea has been selected or not?

    You will get email from us if it’s approved or not approved.
  5. How and when will I received the funds once my idea has been selected?

    Funds will be immediately release after approval of idea and signing of contract.
  6. Can I participate in this event if I live outside India and need funds in a different currency?

    Yes. You can.
  7. happens if I publish my game somewhere else or sell it to a third party?

    Nazara will hold global rights to launch. You don’t have to take any efforts for launching in any market or marketing this game.
  8. What all gaming platforms are supported by the initiative?

    All possible platforms.
  9. Do I have to pay an entry fee or registration fee to participate?

    There are no fees attached to this initiative. Your idea is your investment.